Explore is a community-curated & governed Web3 discovery platform. As the name suggests, it is where your Web3 exploration starts. It is curated & governed by the community of Hunters (Proposers) & Voters through governance.

How does the ‘Explore’ platform work?

Hunters find out new projects & do research to propose them on the Curation dashboard; then voters validate the information provided & vote on the proposals. Hunters & Voters need to hold tokens ($DAI, $UNI, $NFTX, $SAND, $ENS & $DG) to be able to participate in the governance. Basis votes top 5 voted projects are listed on the platform every week. Governance makes the platform hard to manipulate and builds trust in the community & new users.


  • Submit proposal Anyone from the community can hunt a Dapp by submitting a proposal here. The details submitted here will be uploaded to IPFS. Then, at the end of every week, the hunted Dapps will move on to the voting stage.
  • Voting The community can vote on the Dapps hunted in the previous week to get them listed on the platform. User signs a message verifying the data submitted in the proposal. This signature is also uploaded to the IPFS.
  • Listing Once the voting stage is closed, the top 5 voted Dapps get listed on the platform. (thedapplist.com). The community can now discover dapps, learn and engage with them.
  • Delisting If the community finds a Dapp listed with incorrect information or the project is not safe for the users. In this case, they can raise a counter-proposal to delist the Dapp. This proposal will also go through the voting stage.
❇️ This process ensures that the Web3 projects listed on Explore are reliable & community validated.

How are Curators rewarded?

  • Reputation Points (denoted as XP) to unlock NFTs
  • Native token as a reward
Participation in governance & successful listing of projects will increase your reputation points. For people new to web3, Curators with high reputation points can become torchbearers & alpha hunters.
❗ Hunters & Voters both need to hold at least one of these tokens ($DAI, $UNI, $DG, $NFTX, and $SAND) to curate & govern Web3 projects / Dapps.

Who can use Explore?

  • New users entering into the Web3 space
  • Existing users who are looking for new projects to try
  • Web3 projects who want to showcase their project & bring visibility

Why use Explore?

  • Gateway to Web3
  • Engage & interact with Web3 projects
  • Learn & dive deeper into the crypto rabbit hole
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