Buidl is an incubator & launchpad for devs to take their project from idea to launch. For any project or an idea, community building, mentorship, product launch & capital support are very important. We enable web3 projects with these necessary elements.
We’ll break it down into two parts for your understanding:


A 2.5-month-long program to provide devs & teams with required mentorship from the industry leaders. This program will help them in multiple aspects - community building, growth, networking, etc.


A product launchpad for devs & teams that enable them to showcase their product in front of the community, get traction, kick start user onboarding, build network & more.

Why join Buidl?

Buidl help devs to connect with users & investors in the web3 space along with mentorship. So that teams can focus on building.
  • Product Launch: The Dapp List commits to helping devs (from a hack to launch) to kickstart their project and get a seamless experience in building their idea to product. Developers are enabled to launch the project on our Explore module, which provides them with a platform to connect with users & build community.
  • Focus on Building: Devs can focus more on building rather than instrumenting a plan to market. Less of hassle, more of Buidl.
  • Network & Community: Devs/teams will be able to pitch & showcase their project to the community to collect feedback & suggestions. This will help them in gaining the required mentorship & guidance. Also, this helps them in bootstrapping their early community.
  • Support from Ecosystem: Teams/devs part of Buidl program will be able to interact with the legal teams, developers, marketing wizards, community builders and other industry experts. This will help them in their journey of Buidling.
  • Investor Connect: Finally, teams will be provided with support to connect with investors from the ecosystem.
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