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The Dapp List is building an ecosystem to Curate the Web3 Adoption. We are striving to build a bridge between Users, Devs & Investors, that will facilitate the next wave of adoption. We are achieving this through our Product - Explore, Buidl & Invest.

What is The Dapp List?

The Dapp List is an aggregation layer that provides end users with a place to explore new dapps every-week that are safe - validated by the community.
During the past few months, TDL has been ideating & building a safe passage for newbies in the blockchain jungle & empowering adoption for Dapps. Protocols are being forked - more money is minted by scams. Obviously this isnโ€™t a safe place for infants.
If we look at the Users data, blockchain is still at pretty nascent stage & we'll see more users getting attracted to blockchain in coming years. What are the ways for users to explore & get involved in the ecosystem? If we look from a normies perspective, they've two major options:
  • Search Engines are already doing their part & helping users find our about new products in the blockchain space with a lot of noise for a user to figure his way out & find the app/product he is looking for.
  • Aggregators acts as a good source for users to find out about the app/product minus noise. That's why users are inclined towards using aggregators to find out information about different niches.


There are few aggregators already existing in the space for users to find out about dapps in blockchain space. But who are validating the products/dapps on them? They themselves. This restricts the reach & hurts the UX, and also doesn't provide safe passage to the new entrants as they're confused between those numerous options + scams.
But how do we make this aggregation more transparent, robust & reliable? Community governance.


Product Hunters + Community Governance = The Dapp List
There are two major contributors to the growth & robustness of this system - Hunters & Voters.
  • Hunters are the seeders of this economy. Theyโ€™re responsible for hunting/finding Dapps to be listed on the platform. Based on whether the Dapp gets listed, the hunters are rewarded.
  • Voters are the validators for this economy. They vote on the Dapps listed by Hunters on the voting dashboard. The voting cycle runs every week from Monday โ€” Friday. Based on the voting results, the voters are rewarded.
*There are no vertical or chain limitations.*

Features - What does TDL offer?

โœ… Trusted Dapps List

The platform is powered with governance. This keeps the system healthy, robust & transparent.

๐ŸŽฏAds dashboard

Ads dashboard for Dappers. The dashboard will include a bidding system to place ads using TDL tokens for availing discounts.


PR along with media partners โ€” Weโ€™re partnering with community-first media outlets to push coverage for the Dapps listed on our platform.

โ›“๏ธ On-chain data

We plan to provide on-chain data for Dapps / different niches in our future additions to the product.
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