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The Dapp List is building an ecosystem to Curate the Web3 Adoption. We are striving to bring users, developers, and investors together and provide them with a platform to interact and collaborate. This will facilitate the next wave of adoption for Web3.
Web3 ecosystem is still in the nascent stage and evolving continuously, with cutting-edge projects and more innovators taking a keen interest in exploring blockchain in general. But, when we talk about web3 adoption at scale, still faces hurdles. And we strive to remove these hurdles & build a bridge between users, devs & investors.


  • Even with good understanding, it is difficult to navigate through the noise. There is a fear of getting rugged in new users.
  • Lack of resources to build & take an idea from a hack to the launch.


  • Building a community curated & governed ecosystem of Web3 projects that makes the journey of new users easy & safe โ†’ Exploreโ€‹
  • A platform for devs/teams to share ideas, receive feedback & mentorship from industry leaders/thought leaders. And to provide support for their project launch โ†’ Buidlโ€‹
  • Bridging the gap between Web3 projects & Investors by leveraging DeFi & DAO โ†’ Investโ€‹
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